Scarface Redux is a global, collaborative effort to remake Brian de Palma’s Scarface (1983), which itself was a remake of Howard Hawk’s Scarface (1932), and may soon be remade yet again!

Inspired by Casey Pugh’s wildly successful Star Wars Uncut, we’ve divided Scarface into 15 second clips and are inviting you to remake a clip however you like (live action, animation, puppets, legos, Chihuahuas, it doesn’t matter!) and upload your version. Once all clips have been remade, we will recombine them to create a new, crowd-sourced Scarface Redux! This isn't just about Miami- we want this to be a dialogue, so we are inviting anyone who is interested, anywhere in the world, to join us.

After the film is completed, we will premiere it during the Borscht Film Festival in Miami, FL this December at a big, free event, and make it available online for everyone to see and share (also free).

This project is organized by the Borscht Corporation, a nonprofit collection of artists with the mission to "redefine Miami in cinema." For much of our history, this meant we were battling the spectre of this movie whose iconic imagery loomed large in every conception of Miami, both cinematic and real. The organization itself was founded with the belief that while the cocaine cowboys narratives of the city were real, there were other, equally interesting Miami stories to tell. We've spent the better part of the last decade telling these stories and have achieved some success, as the works have been screened at hundreds of film festivals around the world, museums, galleries, and TV while garnering millions of views online, slowly but surely creating a new cinematic identity for the city.


Now, through this project, we hope to engage the most influential Miami movie ever made. Whether you cringe at Pacino's Cuban accent, delight in the style of cinematography, or just love the one-liners, there is no denying that Scarface is a fun, entertaining movie. We can't wait to see you how re-imagine it!