To keep Scarface Redux as badass as the original was, make your scene:


Only upload videos you have personally made. This is your chance to “redux” a classic Miami film, so do it your way! Keep out all 3rd party brands or content and focus on your chosen scene.

In Good Time

It’s a race to the finish line. Whoever submits first will have a guaranteed spot on the site. Once all scenes have received a submission, we will unlock the uploading abilities so you can submit to several different clips, regardless if someone else already has!

Without the original audio

Other than the soundtrack, you are responsible for all audio on your clip. We will add the original soundtrack on top of your clip in the final cut.

As Appropriate as Scarface can be

Please refrain from using any loaded weapons or actual drugs while shooting your scene. If you are under 18, you are not permitted to film scenes with nudity, or while we are at it, any scenes at all. Lets keep this as fun and safe as possible.


Try to shoot and upload your video in the highest quality possible. 16:9 format is preferred.


Each scene varies in length from 15 seconds to 20. Going over by a few seconds is ok. Just make sure the clip you are remaking matches up closely to the original.


Whether you are originally from Miami, a filmmaker, or you just love Scarface, you are helping reimagine a movie that has come to define most people’s perceptions of Miami. Add your clip and come down to Miami in December for it’s screening at the Borscht Film Festival!


When submitting your user name and email, please try to keep it as factual as you can. For each scene, we will chose a winner that will be featured in the final cut. If we can’t reach you, we can’t use your clip. Your email will only be visible to admin and will be kept private to the general public.

Remember, if you break any of these guidelines, your scene will NOT be considered in the final cut.



  1. What's the latest I can submit my clip?

    No time constraints! Scenes will be available until someone uploads their redux. Once all the scenes are claimed you’ll have a chance to submit a clip to ones already redone. Don’t wait too long to submit, someone else might submit theirs first!

  2. Does my scene have to be live action?

    No! We encourage you to re-create your scene whichever way you like: animated, stop motion, action figures, Chihuahuas. It’s completely up to you!

  3. Can I add in my own music?

    The final version of the movie will have the original soundtrack layered over the audio. If you add the original soundtrack on top of your scene, your audio will be removed.

  4. What about the rest of the audio?

    We only add on the music tracks to complement the visuals. All voices, ambient noises and sound effects are up to you!

  5. How many scenes can I remake?

    Viewers can attempt as many scenes as they like, but we encourage you to focus on one at a time for the first round, so that multiple people can attempt scenes.

  6. The scene I chose closed and now it's open again. Whats going on

    Once all scenes are redone, we unlock them again so more Scarface fans can participate. This helps ensure that “Say Hello to my little friend” isn’t redone 1,000 times. Each clip is fair game: Whoever uploads first, will show up first.

  7. The scene I uploaded has multiple submissions, why?

    Multiple users can submit their ‘redux’ for the same scene, although only one of each scene will be chosen for the final screening of Scarface Redux.

  8. Will my scene be in the Scarface Redux film?

    All completed scenes are posted online for the world to view! Users will be able to download Fan Cuts of the movie. As long as your scene follows the rules set above, your clip could potentially be featured in our Scarface Redux screening!

  9. I’m trying to upload my scene but I don’t see the upload button, help!

    All participants are required to consent to Talent Release Terms & Conditions. When picking your clip, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address, followed by the Terms & Conditions Agreement. If you accept, you will be prompted to upload. If you don’t consent, you will be unable to upload anything.

  10. I uploaded my scene but I messed up / included music / uploaded the wrong clip

    No worries, just send an email to and we’ll take it down for you.

  11. When will the project be completed?

    We will disable all scene uploading in early November so we can begin selecting and editing clips for the final film.

  12. Questions not answered?

    Contact us directly at